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You the School

UNDERTAKE your own school department



You the School is a suggestion when a school is considering introducing a entreprenasium. A course for You the School is available at the Electronic Learning Environment of the entreprenasium. The introduction of You the School is supported by leerparadijs. The implementation within the school of the suggested school-wide (You the) projects leads to the implementation of an entreprenasium. However, this does not have to stop the development. Just read the original plans of the founders. They describe the entreprenasium as a center with educational companies, in which enterprising students acquire skills based on their own company. You the School can be a bridging step to this model - entreprenasium 2.0 - This approach is currently being developed[1]) in primary education by the Entreprenasium Foundation with partners.


By putting the spot of a real school company on the horizon, the students give themselves a goal that stimulates them. Things such as cooperation, organizing and planning automatically take place within the set frameworks. The example of a comparable company helps them as a model that can be colorized according to their own wishes and situation. Of course, coming up with your own school company is a creative process in which the craziest ideas are welcome and the freedom lies entirely with the student. If this then leads to something like an idiosyncratic theater at their own school, then the students have a concrete performance and they know which issues should be examined and completed. A visit to a theater, for example, makes this framework even more lively.


The entreprenasiasts have done a lot of discovering and designing work at the entreprenasium. This often includes setting up a company that is important for the school (school company). Examples include:: magazine, museum, laboratory, care farm, catering business, webshop, gym, tv-channel or theater within the school. One could reward these pioneers by securing these companies in their own organization and seeing this as an interpretation of PWS and thus the entreprenasium diploma. The project You the School is therefore meant for the later groups, without this being exclusively reserved for them.


You the Project

You the School is one of the You the Projects. In the project You the Intrapreneur, entrepreneurial teachers (re)design together with the students the education so that they form the outlines for the entreprises by the students. In the project You the School, the entrepreneurial students (re) design their entreprises together with teachers so that they form the outlines of their own school (within the existing school).

School enterprise

With a school company we mean a concrete addition (department, facility, training, product, service) to an existing education organization with its own right to exist within that organization. One can view such a company as the sustainable outcome of entrepreneurial learning at top level. The regular subject contents are then developed into projects that can result in such a school company. The Entreprenasium foundation is has explored with LOL-makers the concept of school companies in primary schools as a means to build junior entreprenasia there. The first experiment involved setting up a private theater at the school. Pupils run this social enterprise themselves and determine which performances will be shown when. More examples as possible school companies are

  1. 'Observatory': 'observe what is happening in the world, what is needed, what makes one happy. Develop an understanding of the challenge, the customer, the market and the technology that is at hand
  2. 'Atelier' : show what your ideas are to others
  3. 'Laboratory' : research, evaluate and perfect prototypes
  4. 'Factory' : implement the product in large numbers


From many subjects it is possible that entreprenasiasts deepen and explore self-chosen themes by working together with certain organizations in hum environment. This is already happening in the project You the Society, but could be further explored in a PWS. One could opt for a personal interpretation of the EBCL, Jong Ondernemen, IBC or VECON program as a practical application of the subjects Management & Organization, Economics and Mathematics. The student company CodreOn came up with the idea to introduce a new course "Programming" at the own school, in which one could collaborate with initiatives from primary education.



The entrepreneurial students can be supported by the course

  • Economy,
  • Science and
  • Culture,

the entrepreneurial teachers through the course

  • Examinator

and the school management through the course

  • Certification

all of which can be found at the VLE of the entreprenasium.

The school enterprise is entirely devised by the enterprising participants in a entreprenasium. Below are some examples of ideas:

Horse Business

A 14-year-old entreprenasiast was allowed to follow parts of HBO's Horse Business Management course at the Hogeschool Stenden for her horse business. See her profile piece for History. She was able to share her knowledge through a new "course" in which parts from the regular subjects were linked to interest in horses.

Learning support

Students wanted to set up a business within the school, where students help other students learn better. In this way they learned how to make learning better by explaining metacognition to other pupils. This support in learning also included a matching allowance, which the contractors used again to further expand this business. Based on this idea, a student developed an app with others that would allow you to learn a language in a more effective way.