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You the Cosmopolitan

RESEARCH how you can learn entrepreneurial


You the Project

You the Cosmopolitan is one of the You the Projects. You the Cosmopolitan is recommended if a school is considering introducing an entreprenasium. A course for You the Cosmopolitan is available at the Virtual Learning Environment of the entreprenasium. The introduction of You the Cosmopolitan is supported by LOLmakers. You the Cosmopolitan let the participants experience what it means to be a cosmopolitan or a world citizen (example at KWC). Not only by reading this from the books, but by looking for contact with people from other cultures in other countries. The use of creativity, subject matter, learning to explore and yourself are combined with the values that belong to global citizenship and turned into an effective event.


You the Cosmopolitan takes care of the following spearheads:

  1. 'Exchange' : Exchange and communication with a foreign school or project.
  2. 'Empathize' : empathize with and be able to move in foreign customs and cultures.
  3. 'Explain' : Learning to formulate a goal, and from there make an action plan.
  4. 'Expand' : Ensure that it leads to expanding and propagating the action plan across the school.
  5. 'Effectuate' : Ensure that there is a clear outcome and result from the exchange succeeded


You the World Citizen makes a student aware of questions such as:

  • Who am I?
  • What can I do?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I want to contribute to the world?
  • How is this for the person (s) I work with?

And gets so self-conscious about it

  • I am ....
  • I can ....
  • I want ....
  • I contribute .... to the world
  • I take care of / take into account ....
  • I work with ....

From this self-knowledge the student can work together with an understanding for others and other cultures and customs.



  • 'Goal' : Promote global citizenship by engaging in international exchange.
  • 'Strategy' : is a - possibly metaphorical - entrepreneurial foreign trip organized and funded by enterprising students, who in a playful manner "take" the rest of the school and the environment "[http: // message. hondsrugcollege.nl/2014-12/new-york-nee-dat-gaat-nooit-lukken/ example trip to New York by the Hondsrug College]).
  • 'Yield' : Entrepreneurial students organize a school-wide event to share the experiences of the trip and to strengthen further international cooperation.

(World) citizenship

The student learns to empathize in an international context: to empathize with and be able to move in foreign customs and cultures.

  • How is this for the foreign project / school and the people participating?
  • What is very different here than here?
  • What are pros and cons of each habit / culture?
  • How can one integrate both habits / cultures by using the benefits of both?

Learning objectives

You the Cosmopolitan makes an intensive appeal to the so-called 21st century skills. The following impact can be distinguished:

  • 'Knowledge' and skills from subject content are explicitly linked to the event.
  • 'Create' of ideas to give substance to the exchange and the event. Create a SMART action plan. The result is the successful execution of the event.
  • 'Thinking' about the personal wishes and those of others: who am I, what can I do well, what do I want, what do I want to contribute to the world?
  • 'Participate' and allow to participate by asking which WHOs we know that we can use? Testing the plans during the slow date with event experts.
  • 'Solve' of challenges such as how to bridge the distance, ensure contact, link to course content and other organizational matters. How can the plans be adjusted to make it interesting throughout the school?
  • 'Collaborate' by choosing together with which project or school the exchange will take place. Agree who is contact here and there. Dividing tasks as searching. background information about the project and the chosen area.
  • 'Communicate' with foreign exchange partners and with the participants from their own school. Preparing conversations, exchanging with each other in a foreign language. Capture conversations. Also learning to deal with press and media.
  • An attitude that shows 'entrepreneurship' , 'involvement' and 'curiosity' .


Foreign school

Through structural exchange and communication with a foreign school and project - so being in conversation with other cultures - the student always reaches a small amount of integration. The student searches for background information about the project and the area and chooses which project or school the exchange will take place with. The recording of these contacts by using multimedia can be used by the pupil for self-reflection and further self-awareness.

Enterpirsing student

This project appeals to the enterprising student who

  • undertakes activities together with others to pay for a trip
  • undertakes actions to make the journey as enterprising as possible. From everyone's passion, the entrepreneurial student places the link with people / organizations / locations in the place of destination that are valuable for his passion.
  • sign good deals with subject teachers to replace their course with this journey.
  • use the entrepreneurial journey to promote entrepreneurial education in a positive way in the school and its environment and to introduce other students to enterprising learning.


To bridge the distance, some enterprising student will physically visit other world citizens. However, most contact will go via social media. Possible opportunities for a commitment with a foreign school can come from

  • the exchange coordinator of the school
  • the Charities that participate in the You the Boss project.

The following can be asked to the suppliers of opportunities:

  • Who is the contact person or contact rather via him / her?
  • What does the current exchange consist of?
  • How would you like to expand it further?
  • Why has this type of exchange been chosen?
  • What actions are being made?
  • When will it be exchanged?
  • What does the exchange school need?



The entrepreneurial students can be supported by the course

  • Creativity,
  • Effectuation and
  • Ownership,

the entrepreneurial teachers through the course

  • Supporter

and the school management through the course

  • Establishment

all of which can be found at the VLE of the entreprenasium.


A journey is a proven way to show that you can work together, learn and plan the week meaningfully. No entrepreneurial journey is possible without these skills. The learning effect can for example be recorded in a personal blog. During a bootcamp, the group that wants to join the journey will focus on the goals. They put the participants with a talent on action and lead on the spot, and together drill themselves towards a sharp planning of the project.


Through enterprising students, a much larger group of stduents at school can experience this exchange by creating an event together like for example a talkshow or a world city tour. In the event, the goal is to share the situation that has been experienced there and to take a targeted action together with everyone in the school. The students choose where they feel the most challenged. Preferably an action that is broader in entrepreneurial possibilities.