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You the Boss

Undertake a good idea for a good cause


You the Project

You the Boss is one of the You the Projects. The project is included as an example to give substance to the phase in which a school explores whether the entreprenasium / entrepreneurial education fits. You the Boss is recommended if a school is considering introducing a entreprenasium. On the Virtual Learning Environment of the entreprenasium a course for You the Boss is available. The introduction of Jij de Baas is supported by StartUp4Kids.


Would you like to be the boss? Do you like to take action with self-conceived ideas? Do you want to earn something for yourself and others? With "You the Boss" students and teachers get reliable answers to these questions. Experience has shown that the entrepreneurial attitude ofyoung students - especially if they just come from elementary school - can still be easily activated. With You the Boss support charity in an enterprising way.


In the education-winning project You the Boss, students do a good idea for a good cause. Pupils, teachers and the school explore in this way whether entrepreneurial learning suits them. For all pupils the project counts as a social internship. The entrepreneurial student and teacher can go to the entreprenasium. You boss is a project of the entreprenasium. The entreprenasium is education in which one learns by undertaking. Entrepreneurship is setting up and being the boss of your own project or company. You the Boss will see if this fits someone. And that's smart! Because at the entreprenasium you decide for yourself what you want to achieve and how you will tackle that. This way you make what you have to learn at school much more interesting and understandable. You learn how you can organize something completely independently, in your own way. As a young entrepreneur you not only learn better at the Entreprenasium, you also deserve it. Not only for yourself but for those who really need it.



The project You the Boss is usually the first project that a school does in preparation for the implementation of a entreprenasium. Most of the first classes from a school participate in this. It is a series of lessons in which social entrepreneurial learning is central. This process is supported by events such as a Charity Market, the Best Idea, a Speed ​​Date and a Trade Fair. In the project, the participants immerse themselves in different charities and, based on their own passion, choose a charity for which they want to commit themselves. Then in the intention that they enterprisingly set up a self-conceived and original action in which the chosen charity is helped. The activities can be safeguarded and reflected through an online logbook.


You the Boss is a

  • 'game' to learn what it means to have your own company and thus discover step by step or undertake the apprentice.
  • festive, attractive and solid 'schoolproject' that is being carried out with the aim of an exploration of [ http://www.ondernemend.nu/voortgezet-onderwijs entreprise] by the students, by the teachers and the school itself. After the project, it is determined whether enterprising education does justice to the students.
  • 'series' lessons where illuminating events, [http: / /www.0297-online.nl/nieuws/25529/marc-de-hond-bezoekt-het-veenlanden-college masterclasses], music and other forms of support make these lessons a success.
  • 'way' to all students gorgeous-amount-for-the-animalsiel.html from the heart a [http: / /www.0297-online.nl/nieuws/6003/cabaretier-herman-boon-op-het-veenlanden-college practical contribution] to society. Those of them who learn better through entrepreneurial learning may then opt for the entreprenasium.
  • 'awareness process' in which students increase their humanity, one of the five dimensions that characterizes a person.
  • 'creative exercise' where pupils with a self-conceived idea will help a self-chosen charity in the form of their own company. An entrepreneurial student can even set up a new charity.
  • 'challenge' for entreprenasiasts because they, with a master class set up by them, help the You the Boss students to come up with an original idea.


You de Baas has written music to support her project. There is a classic piece that is mainly used as background music. In addition, there is also a song.



The actors in Jij de Baas come from the school as a client, an organizer, the pupils and the teachers. StartUp4Kids supports the introduction of the project. You the Boss is started, followed, directed and assessed by teachers during the lessons. Entreprenasiasts can carrying out, improving or adding parts and investigating what could be done better for this project. For example: how can the support for the project be further increased, how do we guarantee that the set goals are achieved, what is the proceeds for the charities and how can even more value be added? Leave the entire organization to the entreprenasiasts as they do at the Pieter Groen - Andreas College .

Bridge welders

You the Boss is preferably carried out in the first class. You the Boss can also be carried out in primary schools and then help with giving advice for appropriate follow-up education. You the Boss is the first time often performed to explore whether entrepreneurial education fits the school. When the students are scheduled one hour per week for the lessons, this is sufficient to monitor the progress. For the pupil, besides the events per week, 1 hour is supervised by the teacher, the rest they do in their own time. For the teacher, this means a total of 5 hours and 15 minutes extra for the preparation.


The internal organizer will take on the following actions:

  • To organize events.
  • Make materials available.
  • Ensure communication with management, teachers, parents and students.
  • Inform the teachers of the bridge classes about the project:
    • What does it mean?
    • How does it fit in the grid?
    • What is expected from them in terms of content?

You the Boss consists of 7 lessons and 5 events. The events are often planned outside the existing timetable and are often shared. For a first complete round You the Boss with all events, the organizer will typically release about 0.1 FTE. During Jij de Baas (20 weeks) the bet is about 150 to 160 hours.



You the Boss can be organized by employing your own entreprenasiasts from your own school or from other entreprenasia. Support can also be hired via StartUp4Kids. The entrepreneurial students can be supported by the course

  • Solidarity,
  • Cooperation and
  • Citizenship,

the entrepreneurial teachers through the course

  • Change Agent

and the school management through the course

  • Exploration

all of which can be found at the VLE of the entreprenasium.


You the Boss can be carried out during a longer period with, for example, a weekly meeting or an event or during a project week.


The You the Boss project has 12 concrete phases. The phases are supported by lessons and events.

  • 'Charity Market' : The first event is the Charity Market, where all kinds of Charities present themselves in an original way, such as blindly rubbing your biscuit or exercising in a wheelchair. Besides smelling, tasting and experiencing the charity, there is the central market place for all.
  • 'The Best Idea' : A creative event usually set up by teachers from the creative courses to support students in coming up with a unique idea.
  • 'Speeddate' : In short conversations in a large room, experienced entrepreneurs help students to further shape their plans.
  • 'Starter's Day' : During the Starter's Day, the Chamber of Commerce helps students to (fictitiously) register their company and choose a business form.
  • 'Trade Fair' : At the Trade Fair students in their turn show their project to the charities, companies, teachers, fellow students, parents, family and friends.