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as a department within your own school

This is the main page of the Entreprenasium wiki (Nederlandse versie).


The entreprenasium is an educational innovation, supported by students and teachers, to develop entrepreneurial learning. Students and teachers at the entreprenasium start from their own passions and develop their talents. They take ownership of their own learning and education, provided they take up this freedom succesfully. This teaching method ensures that students and teachers learn the 21st-century skills, while they are working as a responsible and enterprising cosmopolitan.

The enterpreneurial students link the regular learning objectives to self-conceived and entrepreneurial projects. This approach has been worked out in detail in cooperation with all students, teachers, experts and entrepreneurs. By carefully testing "next practices" the entreprenasium has grown into a proven entrepreneurial education program.


You can speak of an entreprenasium if students, teachers and school managers focus on entrepreneurial learning within their own department for at least 1 day a week. The entreprenasium makes no demands on how people achieve that! However, the students strive for the learning objectives, the teachers for the training goals and the school for the implementation goals of entrepreneurial learning. A school that calls itself entreprenasium declares that it will comply with the Achievements for a Certified Entreprenasium (ACE).

You the Projects

How to implement an entreprenasium via You the Projects

A proven way to achieve the implementation of a entreprenasium and also to take the rest of the school into entrepreneurial learning is through annually performing the You the Projects led by students from the entreprenasium:

(*) Recommended when implementing an entreprenasium
(+) Optional when further upgrading an entreprenasium PS: the first You the Boss project will probably not be able to be led by entreprenasium students because this is intended to recruit and select enterprising students.


The entreprenasium program can be followed entirely online (follow the website or social media), supported by digital means like

  • this wiki (explore),
  • a e-book (read),
  • a TV channel (watch),
  • a blog (discussing),
  • a course (imitate),
  • a development environment (doing it yourself).

In addition, the entreprenasium works together with reliable partners who, with their specific expertise, assist schools in the implementation.

How to train yourself in entrepreneurial learning or teaching?


Available at this moment

  • YouTube Channel
  • VLE Virtual Learning Entrepreneurial learning by doing (free if you share)